Green-Wood Civil War Exhibition

To Bid You All Goodbye, a special exhibition in the Green-Wood Historic Chapel on Green-Wood’s grounds in Brooklyn, was developed as part of a programming initiative to mark the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War. As the final resting place for over 5,000 servicemen, nurses, artists and civilians who took part in Civil War battles and events, Green-Wood turned to Archigrafika to help plan the exhibit, create a distinct brand identity, and establish a look and feel that showcases the Chapel’s unique historic architecture while honoring those who served.

To make the lives of Civil War participants interred at Green-Wood more meaningful to visitors, Archigrafika produced story boards organizing the portraits, mementos and headstones of a select group of individuals into simple yet striking displays with personal stories of wartime they alone could tell.

Location: Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY

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