Willis Tower

Originally built as the Sears Tower in 1973 and renamed the Willis Tower in 2009, the once tallest building in the Western hemisphere continues to dominate the Chicago skyline and remains one of the world’s most iconic skyscrapers. Archigrafika was commissioned to integrate the structure’s new identity, reflecting the emergence of London-based insurance broker Willis Group Holdings as a major tenant with naming rights, into the city’s popular culture. Convincing Chicagoans to think of the 110-story, 1,450-foot-high skyscraper as the Willis Tower nearly four decades after its completion was a considerable challenge.

To accomplish this, Archigrafika developed, designed and delivered a distinctive visual theme and bold brand identity program for the Tower, incorporating environmental graphics, directories, concierge desks and plaza areas. Harmonious design elements, including a twenty-five-foot-diameter stainless steel globe, were used to enhance both the Willis footprint and surrounding urban landscape. As a result, the formerly austere urban plaza encircling Willis Tower has become an animated and inviting environment of form, color and movement.

Location: Chicago, IL

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