Pratt Institute, Myrtle Hall

Located in the heart of Brooklyn, Pratt Institute was founded in 1887 by American industrialist Charles Pratt and has long been recognized globally as an influential institution of art and design that has impacted the lives of millions. Myrtle Hall is the newest academic building on Pratt’s historic Clinton Hill campus, and the first higher education structure in Brooklyn to receive LEED Gold certification. Natural light and large picture windows, a four-story atrium, and contrasting exteriors—a glass curtain wall versus a paneled masonry wall—are among the structure’s defining characteristics. Its emphasis on transparency, openness and connection to the surrounding community plus sustainability, as evinced by exterior sun shades, a green roof and solar photovoltaic panels, is visibly expressed in the signage system developed and designed by Archigrafika. Clean, clear and compelling, Archigrafika’s signage perfectly complements the building it serves.

Location: Pratt Institute Brooklyn, NY

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